Mold Mitigation and Treatment

Mold Mitigation and Treatment

The health risks that mold create can be severe and should be treated as early as possible.

What You Should Know About Mold:

Mold is a problem that affects millions of Americans, but also a problem that very few people know about. The health risks that mold create can be severe, and it is important that a mold problem is treated as early as possible. Often times, people don’t know they have a mold problem until they are very sick. There are many types of toxins that can come from mold, some being dangerous enough to cause health problems such a chronic bronchitis, mental deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, bleeding lungs, and many more.

Many people believe that mold can only affect you if you have a mold allergy; however, depending on what type of mold, anyone can be negatively affected. Millions of Americans suffer from constant sneezing and sniffling but don’t realize that the cause is the mold in their homes. Long-term exposure to mold can also create symptoms such as memory and hearing loss, acid reflux, breathing difficulties, and dizziness. It is very important to get mold treated immediately to prevent these symptoms from turning into something more serious.

People are also misinformed on where mold can grow. Any place with a moisture source is an area for mold to grow. This means basements, bathrooms, kitchens, mattresses, rooms with humidifiers…everywhere! Even worse is the mold that grows in areas you cannot see. Many mold cases are found in wall cavities and flooring in homes, feeding on wood or plasterboard.

Any type of water damage can cause mold, so it is important to keep your home as dry and clean as possible. Mold can also feed off any organic source, such as dirt, skin cells, and oil. This makes it possible for mold to grow on glass, cookware, stainless steel, and other surfaces that you would not expect. There are xerophillic molds (able to grow under dry conditions) and xerotolerant molds (able to grow in moist conditions). Both of these molds are easily spreadable and hazardous to your health.

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