Compliment from Art & Helen T., Virginia

“Last Fall we turned to Pest Management Services to help us resolve a mold problem in our basement. After studying the materials describing the Surface Management and Treatment System, we decided it was the best solution. The team that applied the treatment and installed our dehumidifier was thoroughly professional and explained the process step by step. Almost immediately we noticed a distinct improvement in the air quality. Our basement smelled clean and felt better. Now, a few months later all signs of mold have vanished. We’re thoroughly satisfied with the SMTS treatment and the customer services at Pest Management.”

Compliment from Ted R., Virginia

“Just a quick note to let you know that the Mold Treatment applied by PMSI has indeed resulted in a dramatic improvement in the air quality of our basement area.  Since my wife is an asthmatic, and we both use the basement as a daily workout area, it has become increasingly more difficult over time for her to conduct her workout sessions in our basement.  However, since the treatment, the basement air quality seems much “lighter” and fresher than it had previously been, and our workout sessions have become easier, or much less labored as far as her breathing is concerned. The treatment has certainly made a positive difference.  The PMSI team did a great job and the product seems to have done the trick.”

Compliment from Stephanie, Virginia

“The inspector, technician, and termite technician you sent to my house are all OUTSTANDING. From the very first time I used PMSI, everyone has been so professional, relaxed, and down to earth…I am very pleased with this company!”

Compliment from Cintia, Virginia Realtor

“I would like to thank your inspector for accommodating my clients’ needs for a second inspection and reporting in very short notice, and for being such a great resource over the phone. I will highly recommend PMSI to other realtors.”

Compliment from Jim, Virginia

“These technicians provide exceptional service and knowledge, and I will definitely be referring PMSI to all of my friends and family! They are not like the stereotypical pest control, I just love them.”