Angelo Viani in Fairmont

“Andrew was fast and efficient. He was very pleased with the job he did and impressed.”

An apartment complex manager

“I just wanted to let you know that some of the residents that were home yesterday that were treated for pest control said Michael Bean and Nelson Campbell were professional and did an excellent and thorough job!”

Ms. Adams

“Jacob one of your employees came by my condo this morning to spray for ants. I wanted to let you know what a exemplary young man he is. He was very professional and polite and also practiced social distancing and was very cautious around my cat and dog. I think in these times of uncertainty and confusion that it is nice to encounter good people. He is an excellent employee and I hope this email will get to management for their review. Thank you.”

Ms. Smith

Andrew Kinsley and Josh Kisamore were at her house today, they exceeded all her expectations, they were great people and very professional. She was very pleased with her service.

Ms. Wilkins

“Kevin Lucas provided excellent service and was so nice.” She appreciated all he did.

Mr. Pemberton

“Service was professional and respectful of the current health situation. Thanks to your representative who did our service and also please give our best to Adam Sims.”

Mr. Sanchez

“Thank you for your continues great service. Our technician, Eddie Strosnider, is top notch and his service and professionalism are unmatched.”

Ms. Reema

“I want first to pay a compliment to staff member, Robin Hillyard–she did a great job helping us out with a small ant issue. Thank you!”

Mr. Foley

“Chad Hersh has been servicing our account for several years now. He just left our house and I wanted to let you know what a great job he does and it truly appreciated! I’m sure you hear that all the time with him, but I wanted to pass it along anyways!”

An Ashburn customer

“I just wanted to reach out to tell you what a great employee you have in Greg Bean. So personable and professional. He is the reason we stay with PMSI !”

Mrs. Murray

“Eddie Strosnider is amazing young man and so sweet.” She said everyone needs to know.

A Sterling customer

“It was great to have Timmy Smith as a visitor in my house! It actually made me do a quick cleaning although he may not have noticed because it still looks a little messy😅🤣”

Mary G., Virginia

“I just spoke with my client who we referred to PMSI. She raved about your technician and the honesty you instilled in him. She had another company out for a different problem years ago and they didn’t do the job. Anyway, when she called us we knew you guys are the right choice- Thank you!!”

Ashburn Customer

“I would like to thank Justin for her service. He is such a friendly, knowledgeable, and pleasant person (even on his early calls at 7am!). I appreciate the time he takes to explain things as well as his consistent smile and great attitude. Thank you!”

Lincoln W., Virginia

“I just wanted to thank Hunter and Nelson for working hard and getting our mold/insulation job done. They were out with us until 10pm and I cannot thank them enough for their hard work!”

Margaret P., Virginia

“Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help us, always! You gave several of us a way less stressful July 4th knowing this job was taken care of before then.”

Winchester Customer

“Today Jacob came to my house to take care of an “emergency” involving a wasp nest. When I called your office yesterday, the lovely lady I spoke with explained that Mike was booked for more than a week and really couldn’t make it to my neighborhood that day. She checked all of your schedules and was kind enough to squeeze me into Jacob’s schedule- less than 24 hours after I called! Such a trifecta of pest control professionals and office staff. Just like Mike and Dennis, Jacob couldn’t have done a better job. This email is long overdue. You are clearly attracting quality people who love working for you. Thank you for the tone you set with your company and thank you for help with those uninvited guests into our home!”

Art & Helen T., Virginia

“Last Fall we turned to Pest Management Services to help us resolve a mold problem in our basement. After studying the materials describing the Surface Management and Treatment System, we decided it was the best solution. The team that applied the treatment and installed our dehumidifier was thoroughly professional and explained the process step by step. Almost immediately we noticed a distinct improvement in the air quality. Our basement smelled clean and felt better. Now, a few months later all signs of mold have vanished. We’re thoroughly satisfied with the SMTS treatment and the customer services at Pest Management.”

Ted R., Virginia

“Just a quick note to let you know that the Mold Treatment applied by PMSI has indeed resulted in a dramatic improvement in the air quality of our basement area.  Since my wife is an asthmatic, and we both use the basement as a daily workout area, it has become increasingly more difficult over time for her to conduct her workout sessions in our basement.  However, since the treatment, the basement air quality seems much “lighter” and fresher than it had previously been, and our workout sessions have become easier, or much less labored as far as her breathing is concerned. The treatment has certainly made a positive difference.  The PMSI team did a great job and the product seems to have done the trick.”

Stephanie, Virginia

“The inspector, technician, and termite technician you sent to my house are all OUTSTANDING. From the very first time I used PMSI, everyone has been so professional, relaxed, and down to earth…I am very pleased with this company!”

Cintia, Virginia Realtor

“I would like to thank your inspector for accommodating my clients’ needs for a second inspection and reporting in very short notice, and for being such a great resource over the phone. I will highly recommend PMSI to other realtors.”

Jim, Virginia

“These technicians provide exceptional service and knowledge, and I will definitely be referring PMSI to all of my friends and family! They are not like the stereotypical pest control, I just love them.”